Portugal opens to Brazilian tourists

Starting today, September 1st, brazilian citizens can enter Portugal for tourism.
Portugal is the most recent country in Europe to authorize the entry of Brazilians for tourism. The ban has been in place since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. Official Order No. 8652-C/2021 was published yesterday, August 31st.
Therefore, the borders of Portugal are already open to brazilians.
It will no longer be required that brazilian tourists cumply with quarantine to enter our country, and it will only be necessary to present the negative PCR test (72 hours before boarding), or the rapid antigen test (48 hours before boarding).
The test can be requested during check-in, on boarding, and on arrival in Portugal, when passing through the Portuguese immigration services. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the date and time of the test in order not to exceed the stipulated deadline and to be prevented from boarding or entering the country.
Only travelers vaccinated in the European Union, and who hold the EU Digital Certificate will be exempted from presenting the negative Covid-19 test.
Proof of vaccination will not be required by the Portuguese authorities.